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Documentation: Issues related to any of the site's documentation.
Custom Builders Documentation Use this for all the point-and-click tools that allow you to predict custom 3D structures. Examples: Automated Docking, Carbohydrate Builder, Glycoprotein Builder, GAG Builder.
Force Field Documentation Any of force fields, scoring functions, methodologies, etc.
Libraries Documentation Any of the Oligosaccharide Libraries.
Other Tools & Services Documentation Any of the other tools & services offered on GLYCAM-Web
Other documentation All other site documentation.
Force Field: Issues related to the GLYCAM force fields or to scoring functions, computational methodologies, etc.
GLYCAM The GLYCAM force fields
Other Methodologies Any of the energy functions, scoring functions, methodologies, etc.
GLYCAM-Web: Use this for issues related to the website itself. Examples: broken pages, browser incompatibilities. For issues related to specific services -- e.g., the Carbohydrate Builder, GLYLIB, GLYCAM06 -- please choose the classification related to the service.
Behavior Issues related to how the website behaves. For example: uploads that don't work, pages that do not advance to the proper next step.
Looks and content Issues related to how the website looks and its top-level content. For example: poor display in a browser, unclear text, misspellings, misalignment.
Options Page Allows users to choose options related to downloading output from some tool. This same page is used for all the builder-type tools, such as the Carbohydrate Builder.
Other Site Problems Any website related issue that doesn't fit elsewhere.
Legacy Tools: Issues related to old versions of the site or tools. We won't promise to fix them, but it won't hurt to have them documented.
Legacy Tools Issues Put all legacy tools issues here.
Online Builders: All the online tools that generate 3D structures, no matter how they do it. Examples: Carbohydrate Builder, Glycoprotein Builder, Oligosaccharide Library, GAG Builder, Build by URL, Automated Docking.
Automated Docking Automated docking of carbohydrates to proteins.
Build via Text Issues related to building by entering text into a box on the site.
Build via URL Issues related to building via URL directive.
Carbohydrate Builder Point-and-click tool for predicting 3D structures of oligosaccharides.
GAG Builder Issues related to the glycosaminoglycan (GAG) builder.
Glyco‑Complex Processor Issues related to the Glyco-Complex Processor.
Glycoprotein Builder Interface for predicting the 3D structure of glycoproteins.
Grafting Issues related to the Grafting utility.
Oligosaccharide Libraries All of the libraries where the primary sequence is pre-set.
Other Builder Issues Anything that affects multiple builders or that doesn't fall into one of the other categories.
Other: Anything that doesn't fit into the other classifications.
Other Anything that doesn't go anywhere else.
Other Tools & Services: Issues related to any other tools and services offered on GLYCAM-Web. Examples: GMML, GEMS, GLYLIB, Topology File Comparer, Glycan Identification.
GEMS Issues related to the Glycam Extensible Modeling Script.
GLYLIB Issues related to GLYLIB.
GMML Issues related to the Glycam Molecular Modeling Library.
PDB Preprocessor Issues related to the PDB preprocessor.