Which applications are available for visualizing downloaded files?

Once the build of the carbohydrate molecule is complete, it can be downloaded and visualized. Visual molecular dynamics (VMD) is one program that can be used to visualize these files. VMD displays molecular surfaces with fast surface calculation and display. The high performance algorithms allow even complex surfaces to be displayed. To download this program click here.

Multiple rotamers will be available for some structures on the download page. Users can either download individual PDB files or download multiple files for each structure.

To find out more about how to view these files using VMD, click here.

In addition, VMD is not the only application that can be used to visualize these files, some other applications include chimera and pymol. To download chimera, click here. To download pymol, click here.

Other applications to view files include text editor, Notepad++ for Windows 7, TextWrangler for Mac OS X, and gedit for Linux. For more information on ancillary software click here.



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