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3D-SNFG Videos

Click on an image to watch a short video of the system. Or, download a copy by right-clicking the image and choosing “Save Link As…” Antibody-Receptor PDB ID: 3SGJ Erythropoitin Glycoform PDB ID: 1BUY – Glycans added with Glycoprotein Builder | Tutorial

3D-SNFG Images

Glycans1 The .pdb file used to generate each image may be downloaded by clicking on the respective titles. Branched Glycan Notice that the glycan appears linear without the label for the reducing terminus (far right). High Mannose Heparan Sulfate Attachment Heparan Sulfate Fragment Xyloglucan Complex N-Glycan (CFG Array #484) Glycan-Protein Complexes Salmonella Antibody SE155-4 (PDB […]

3D-SNFG: List of Residue Names

Description The following tables define the residue names that are recognized within the 3D-SNFG program, and are separated based on the source: PDB, GLYCAM, and CHARMM*. Some monosaccharide residues that are defined by the SNFG are uncommon, and not currently used by any of these sources. While the 3D-SNFG program is capable of drawing the […]

3D-Symbol Nomenclature For Glycans (3D-SNFG)

Description The Symbol Nomenclature For Glycans (SNFG) facilitates the efficient communication of carbohydrate structures, and has become widely accepted by the glycobiology community. The system is fully described in the NCBI text Essentials of Glycobiology. Carbohydrates currently lack a simplistic, standardized representation for 3D structure, and are thus predominantly visualized with atoms displayed. Discerning the […]