Each download might have associated with it a license as indicated.  By downloading the file(s) you agree to the license.  See the Downloads Documentation page for more.

Software: All downloadable code, including executables where available. This includes repositories of source code as well as programs associated with publications.
Data: Any data available for download. This includes data associated with software (for tutorials, testing, etc.).  Parameters are an exception to this, as they have their own download site.
Parameters: Click here to visit the parameters page.
Publication-Related Materials: Any software, data, or other information relevant to a publication can be accessed via this page.
Other Downloads: Any other materials offered for download will be available here.
Browse Downloads: You may also browse a list of all downloadable files.  Note that this is just a listing of all downloadable files, and the download icons will not contain file information such as license type and documentation location.
Documentation for the Downloads: You may also access the documentation for downloadable files.
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