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OC Grant, MB Tessier, L Meche, LK Mahal, BL Foley, RJ Woods “Combining 3D structure with glycan array data provides insight into the origin of glycan specificity” 26 (7),772-83, 2016

MB Tessier, OC Grant, J Heimburg-Molinaro, DF Smith, S Jadey, AM Gulick, J Glushka, SL Deutscher, K Olson, RJ Woods “Computational Screening of the Human TF-Glycome Provides a Structural Definition for the Specificity of Anti-Tumor Antibody JAA-F11PLoS One 8(1): e54874, 2013

OC Grant, HMK Smith, D Firsova, E Fadda, RJ Woods “Presentation, presentation, presentation! Molecular-level insight into linker effects on glycan array screening dataGlycobiology 24 (1), 17-25, 2014


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