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If you’re building a local marketing agency… or are trying in any way to make money online… Then chances are good you’re a bit worried about this whole AI thing. In fact, a lot of people recently have reached out to ask me if I think that AI is going to be the death of online business. The truth? The truth is a big fat “No”. Find out what AI can do to your business: The reason I think this is because I’ve heard this all before. Ever since I started my business online… people have been talking about how some new trend or technology is going to kill the opportunity. But really, the opportunities have only grown. The reality is that new tech is not to be feared. It’s to be embraced. Click here to level up your business with AI today: Because just like Canva made it far easier for graphic designers to create designs… AI will make it far easier for the smart business owner to make money online. I’m going to share more about this tomorrow. So if you’re interested in using AI to build a business online… then stay tuned. Click here to find out more: Steve

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