Found a Problem?

If you think you found a bug in any of the services or utilities offered here at GLYCAM-Web, please let us know about it.

Here is the basic order of operations:

  • Check to see if we already know about the bug.
  • If we do, optionally add your experience to the available information.
  • If we do not, then open a new bug.

Here is a more detailed list:

  1. Open our bug-tracking utility.
  2. Search for your bug.
    1. Choose a few keywords appropriate to your problem and enter them into any of the search boxes on the page.
    2. Alternately, click on “Search” (upper menu, not the button, next to “Browse”).  This will take you to a page where you will find more search options.
    3. You might also wish to see the bug search documentation.
  3. If you find a matching bug, and you do not have any information to add, here are some options:
    1. Leave the bug as-is and check back later to see how things are going.
    2. Put yourself on the cc list for the bug (requires an account).
    3. Make the bug more visible by adding a “me, too” comment (requires an account).  This is particularly useful if a bug has been inactive for a few weeks or longer.
  4. If you have new information to add, or if you did not find your bug in the search, please tell us about it.
    1. If you do not already have an account with our bug tracking site, please create one.  It’s quick and painless.
    2. Please check out the documentation on how to file a bug and how best to write a bug report.
    3. Enter your new bug or your additional information.
  5. If you have problems with the bug-reporting process, email for assistance.


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