Downloading and installing GMML

Typical Use

GMML is typically used as a library accesed by GEMS

  • Casual users should follow the installation instructions for GEMS.
  • Advanced users might be happy to start with that as well, then use gmml as a library as desired.  But, see the following instructions for using gmml as a standalone library.

Building gmml as a standalone library


You will probably need root access to install some of the prerequisites.

You need these packages to use GEMS:

  • A c++ compiler (e.g. g++)
  • make
  • openssl
  • git (optional but recommended)
  • boost

Installation instructions will vary according to operating system. If you use Ubuntu, you should be able to use a command like this:

If you use another operating system, please check its installation instructions.

Obtaining the software

The following does not require root access.

  1. Change to directory in which you want gmml to live.
  2. Get gmml from the git repo (*)

(*) There are non-git ways to obtain gmml.  Please see for more information.

Compiling and Installing

  1. Change directory to gmml
  2. Build gmml.  You have two options.  You may do either or both:
    1. Build gmml as a shared library:
    2. Build gmml as a static library: