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High MannoseHigh mannose structures containing only mannose and glucose in bi- and tri-antennary structures linked to an N-acetyl-glucosamine coreQuick StartDetailed InfoOther Help
Hybrid N-GlycanStructures, attached to an N-acetyl-glucosamine core, containing three to five mannose monosaccharides and at least one of: galactose, N-acetyl-neuraminate or N-acetyl-glucosamineQuick StartDetailed InfoOther Help
Complex-TypeStructures whose N-acetyl-glucosamine cores might be fucosylated or with symmetric structures that might be bisected by an N-acetyl-glucosamine residueQuick StartDetailed InfoOther Help
Sial/Fucos ComplexSmall structures containing fucose, galactose, N-acetyl-neuraminate, N-acetyl-glucosamine, and N-acetyl-galactosamineQuick StartDetailed InfoOther Help
CFG Glycan ArrayGlycans from the CFG’s Glycan ArrayQuick StartDetailed InfoOther Help
Build HelpLearn more about GLYCAM-Web buildersQuick StartDetailed InfoOther Help