Major Funding

This work is supported in part by GlycoMIP, a National Science Foundation Materials Innovation Platform funded through Cooperative Agreement DMR-1933525.

DMR-1933525. MIP: GlycoMIP – Automating the Synthesis of Rationally Designed Glycomaterials; National Science Foundation grant

We are also extremely grateful for support from the NIH Glycoscience Common Fund.

R24-GM136984. Transitioning GLYCAM-Web to a Self-sustaining Carbohydrate Modeling Service; National Institutes of Health grant

Additional Funding

  • R01-GM135473 (NIH) Computational Tools to Aid the Design of Glycomimetic Agents
  • U01-GM125267 (NIH; Tiemeyer, PI) Computational and Informatics Resources and Tools for Glycoscience Research (GlyGen)

Previous Funding

  • U01-CA221216 (NIH) GlyProbity: Tools to Curate Glycan Structure Pre and Post Deposition in the PDB.
  • P41-GM103390 (NIH; Moremen, PI) Research Resource for Integrated Glycotechnology.
  • U01-CA207824 (NIH) Tools to Enable Non-specialists to Model Glycoconjugates and Glycan-Protein Interactions.
  • R01-GM100058 (NIH) Continued Development and Maintenance of Glycam-Web.