3D Structure Libraries

Primary sequences for a number of common glycans have been pre-built and their predicted 3D structures are available in just a few clicks via the libraries listed below.
Glycans from the CFG’s Glycan Array

Structures, attached to an N-acetyl-glucosamine(chitobiose) core, containing three to five mannose monosaccharides and at least one of: galactose, N-acetyl-neuraminate or N-acetyl-glucosamine

High mannose structures containing only mannose and glucose in bi- and tri-antennary structures linked to an N-acetyl-glucosamine core

Small structures containing fucose, galactose, N-acetyl-neuraminate, N-acetyl-glucosamine, and N-acetyl-galactosamine

Structures whose N-acetyl-glucosamine(chitobiose) cores might be fucosylated, including symmetric structures that might be bisected by an N-acetyl-glucosamine residue